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Bimajyo no Ayano-san

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Ayano-san is a beautiful housewife with a son, Yuusei, who doesn't seem to approve of her carefree ways. Always smiling and well-meaning, Ayano-san still finds a way to make herself an object of curiosity and appreciation by passing people.

"Bimajyo" (literally beautiful witch) is a term apparently used in Japan to describe a woman older than 35 or so who has retained her great beauty, almost as if by magic. So it doesn't mean she's a witch or the series will pivot to that genre in the future.

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Nhóm dịch
Giới thiệu
Tác giả
Họa sĩAihara Akito
Tình trạngĐang Tiến Hành
Lượt xem2085
Theo dõi0
Tên khác Bimajyo no Ayano-san Alternative : Bimajo no Ayano-san; 美魔女の綾乃さん; 魔性的綾乃小姐; 魔性的绫乃小姐; 미마녀 아야노씨
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  1. 01.Bimajyo no Ayano-san
Bimajyo no Ayano-san
Bimajyo no Ayano-san
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