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Demons Gate: Teito no Majo

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Showa 10 years. In the imperial capital, invulnerable people called monsters were infested, and the special service organization and the Sanno organization were in charge of the remission. One night, a beautiful young man who appeared with the magic group under the female high school student and Asahi of the magic school-a legendary fantasy with a young man, Lenza and an immature witch, Asahi who pretends to be a demon and act as a demon!

Nhóm dịch
Giới thiệu
Tác giảAOKI Takeo
Họa sĩAOKI Takeo
Tình trạngĐang Tiến Hành
Thể loạiAction, Supernatural
Lượt xem1561
Theo dõi8
Tên khác Demons Gate: Teito no Majo デモンズゲート 帝都ノ魔女
Mục lục
  1. 01.Demons Gate: Teito no Majo
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