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Compilation of short stories: • Hotel It is the year 2272 A.D. A computer continues to live on in order to complete a mission in a world where all life, including Mankind, has gone extinct. This is a record of those 27 million years of its heroic struggle. • Present Hanako suffers from a terrible disease. After awakening from a deep slumber, Hanako has only three days to live. During those three days, her husband, Takao, must endure a heart-breaking experience, knowing that the person Hanako really loves isnt him. • Subete wa Maguro no Tame da (It Was All for the Tuna) Tuna have become extinct and Jun Shiozaki will do everything possible and imaginable to bring them back. • Stephanos Set in modern-day Japan, our main character Noriko finds out that she is pregnant with her lover Matsumuras baby. He, however, is an important doctor with a family and everything already. Noriko wants to have the baby, but Matsumura says that its actually a rapidly growing cancer and that they have to remove it immediately. It might also be neither of these things… • Diadem A "Diadem" is a word for crown that has its root in Greek. "Stephanos", which appeared in "Mandala" 01, was also a crown. It seems that we could consider this the second work in a continuing series of shorts that should perhaps be called a "Crown series".

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Tác giảBoichi
Họa sĩBoichi
Tình trạngĐang Tiến Hành
Lượt xem337
Theo dõi0
Tên khác Hotel Отель; Boichi作品集 HOTEL; Diadem; It Was All for the Tuna; Present (Boichi); Stephanos; Subete wa Maguro no Tame datta
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  1. 01.Hotel
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