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Mazinger Z vs. Transformers

When a spacetime warp sends the Autobots and Decepticons to the Japan of another dimension, they get involved in Mazinger Z's fight against Dr. Hell and Baron Ashura.Mazinger vs. Transformers is a cross-over manga featuring the characters from the Mazinger and Transformers franchises.The six chapters will each be drawn by a different artist.

Watashi wa Tensai o Katte Iru.

"Handsome Prodigy" Nanao's heart thumping royal love story starts! I didn't think that I would want to tame something unmanageable... That Konoka has been given the task to tame the young prodigy, Kairi. The secret that they share...

Inoue-kun Hajimemasen ka?

After being saved twice from an asthma attack, first year student Inoue falls in love with Karasuma, a boy who’s not interested in love. After being rejected several times, Inoue recieves warnings that Karasuma is a dangerous person… but will that change his feelings?

Strongest Leveling

Nothing is impossible with the system in my hands! I want the most beautiful woman! I want to be the most powerful person! I want to have the noblest of statuses! I aim to conquer everything under the sky!

Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System Case 3 - Beyond love and hate

"Can you become my teacher?"After the case occurred in 2116 in the Southeast Asian Union, the SEAUn, Kougami Shinya kept on wandering.In a small country in South Asia, Kougami rescues a bus carrying refugees that were being attacked by armed guerrillas.Among them, there is a girl named Tenzing.Tenzing begs Kougami to teach her how to fight to take revenge.What is the aspect of this world that a girl who seeks for revenge and a man who could accomplish his revenge can see at the margin of a world without a way out…?


The main focus of the story is Asano, an employee who just can’t quit smoking, and Tabako-chan, who is the anthropomorphized smoke of a cigarette and whose clothes start to dissolve the closer you get to finishing your cigarette. She clings to your clothes like the smell of cold smoke. Aside from Tabako-chan, there is also the menthol cigarette character Menko-chan, and the Golden Bat, born in 1906, who are all anthropomorphized cigarettes that have turned into beautiful girls.

Imori 201

From Fairgame: In both middle school and high school, Kawashima hadn't had any luck with girls, but this is a day that a miracle encounter came to him! Apartment where he moved, there were a high school girl living in his neighbor and in addition to that, she is living alone! In a situation that any man will admire, Kawashima's tension is hyped up. However, there was also a odd part to it, like she likes to drink beer. What is her identity? It's a little bit ecchi JK comedy!


"They do not care even if I can see their panties!" High school student Daisuke Kaji, who is bad with gals, was made to deliver something to the house of the biggest monster gal, Chiriko Iega. Forced to bring Iega to her bedroom Kaji is shocked by her unimaginably filthy room! After being amazed by the level of cleaning knowledge Kaji demonstrated Iega extorts him into cleaning her entire room! The beginning of a gal love comedy!

Boys Love

From Aarinfantasy A poignant manga, portraying the story of the movie with the same title. The movie tells the story of Taishin Mamiya, a magazine editor who meets and interviews a young model, Noeru Kisaragi, and becomes sinfully attracted to him. Their love, however, is forbidden.

Kemono Renairon

Collection of short stories: 1. Kemono Renairon 2. Karakuchi Kakumei Natsui has always liked the chairman of the student council, Kazuki Oda. But ever since a long time ago, she's been bad at dealing with people. She easily gets nervous, and, to hide her embarrassment, always puts on a hard face. So how will she be able to make her feelings reach her admired Oda-kun?! 3. Sore wa, Nigai, Chocolate. Yuri hates to be alone, so she'll spend time with any guy who comes along. Chiyo Kyosuke, a teacher at her school, finds this behavior repulsive, but Yuri seems to have fallen in love with him all the same. 4. Eien no "Suki" ga Hajimaru Hi

Dekisokonai no Monster Trainer

In a world where everyone has a monster crest from birth, a select few rise to become Monster Trainers. Reyn Erhardt, a slime trainer, the lowest of the low, cares nothing for status and just continues his daily regimen of training for his personal slime, Pem-Pem. Yet in school dominated monsters as grand as dragons, those who cannot hope to rise to the top take out their frustrations on the lowest ones, and Reyn and Pem-Pem make for easy marks. Or do they?

Sword Art Online Alternative - Gun Gale Online

Kohiruimaki,một nữ sinh đại học với chiều cao 1m83 cùng với những mặc cảm về chiều cao và những mối quan hệ xã hội nghèo nàn. Mội chuyện thay đổi bởi VRMMO game : gun gale online GGO. Trong trò chơi, karen đã có được hình mẫu" chibi" trong mơ với chiều cao chưa đến 1m50, khoắc lên mình cả cây hồng và đặt tên là "LLENN", nghịch ngợm trong thế giới của GGO."Pitohui" một game thủ xinh đẹp xuất hiện trước LLENN. Cô ta là một nữ game thủ hiếm có trong GGO nên 2 người rất hợp nhau. Nhưng đến 1 ngày, LLENN được yêu cầu tham gia đấu đội của giải đấu hoàng gia "Squad jam" bởi Pitohui....

Chim Lửa

Có một truyền thuyết cổ xưa về Hi no tori (Chim lửa), rằng bất kì ai uống máu loài chim này sẽ trở nên bất tử, đây là loài chim của thần thánh.. Vì thế, những người vọng tưởng sự trường sinh bất lão luôn tìm kiếm và săn bắt loài chim ấy. Con chim lửa ấy bay mãi, nối liền từ quá khứ tới tương lai, nối liền những câu chuyện về ái hận sân si của những con người tưởng chừng như chẳng liên quan tới nhau, nhưng thật ra bản thể chỉ lại là một.Chim lửa , nó chết đi, rồi lại tái sinh trong tro tàn, sự tồn tại của nó là một vòng luân hồi bất tận. Sự tồn tại của con người và thế giới này cũng vậy, con người sinh ra, chết đi, và lại sinh ra ở một kiếp khác; thế giới diệt vong, rồi lại tái sinh; nghiệt này gieo xuống, nhân kia trả lại; và 12 câu chuyện trong Hi no tori ...

Rakuen Route

One day, an angel fell from heaven. Along the way, she lost two of her feathers. Now, she is banished from heaven until she can find them, and thus our story begins...

Wanwang Exorcist

Do you believe in monsters? Are you eager to see ghosts? The legends from ancient times have been resurrected in the online world. The hackers in the robes have applied iron fists to the wizards. The collision between the mahogany sword and the network virus floods the entire.

Yun Tian Yao

A fantasy story based on twins! The heartbreaking past that has resurfaced in the present. In my past life I was a pair with my disciple, and in my present life complicated feelings between me and my sister have started to arise....

Kono Sekai ga Game da to, Ore dake ga Shitteiru

From MangaHelpers: Sagara Soma is a hardcore gamer, who spends basically all of his time playing or thinking about games. Since he was a child, he's thought of how great it would be to really live in a game world. One day, when he breaks a promise to his cousin Maki in order to play video games, his wish comes true. "New Communicate Online," also known as "Neko-Mimi-Neko," is the game he was playing at the time. Neko-Mimi-Neko is well known for its trick quests, occasional unfairly high level enemies, and many bugs, all of which combine to make players die over and over again. Now that Soma seems to literally be a starting character in the game world, will he re-spawn after death, or actually die? Luckily, he knows just about everything there is to know about the world of Neko-Mimi-Neko, so he may be able to make the unfairness in the game work to his advantage! [tethysdust]

Miêu Hiệp

Nghe nói, bắt nguồn từ thời thượng cổ đã có bốn trăm yêu ma tồn tại, bị phong ấn trong bảo khí thu yêu gọi là "Phục Ma Tháp". Và trong một lần tình cờ, phong ấn mở ra, yêu ma lũ lượt trào ra, giáng thế xuống nhân gian! Đến nay, người canh giữ Phục Ma Tháp - Phục Ma Chiến Thần Xá Lị, triển khai hành trình mạo hiểm thu yêu đầy tráng liệt và đặc sắc

I, Superhero and Magical Girl

Hayato, who obtained the power of the admired “Hero”. However, his transformed appearance was mysteriously that of a “magical girl” in a sparkly outfit. Unintentionally making even the hearts of enemy kaijin throb, this hero bursting onto the scene may make you, who is tired from study or work, even more tired. ★

Turn to Prince Charming

Xia Xiaotao, a tone-deaf ordinary girl changes her body with Ling Xi, a superstar and her idol. After experiencing various types of chaos, accidents and setbacks, she gradually stars living a wonderful life in the entertainment circle by conquering different princes charming, and becoming a superstar famous in films, TV and singing!

Ferocious Princess

As a talented agent, she failed to make a successful time-travel during her first task in which she dropped onto the bed of a tyrant and broke his sex. Knocked out, she regarded the man as a man-whore and paid him for their sex. Obviously she went too far. However, tyrants are for torturing, money for spending, kungfu for teasing and beauty for seduction.

Yofukashi no Uta

Trong một đêm không thể ngủ với những điều buồn chán và phiền muội cứ đau đáu ở trong lòng, Yamori Kou đã bắt đầu khám phá thế giới nơi cậu sống vào đêm trăng tĩnh mịch, yên ắng, và đó cũng là một khởi đầu để cậu gặp một cô nàng kì lạ, người đã quyết định giúp cậu chữa khỏi căn bệnh mất ngủ này bằng việc ngủ chung với cậu.Ủng hộ nhóm dịch tại: 7 Fingers Team

Vua Biến Thái

Siêu anh hùng, một hình tượng con người bảo vệ hòa bình và giúp đỡ con người. Tôi cũng là siêu anh hùng nhưng là anh hùng...tà dâm.

I Don't Want To Leave Bachelorhood Just Like That

After a car accident, Yi Wen discovered that he travelled to a queer world. Where he wasn't endowed with exceptional power or wealth , nor there are chicks falling into his him arms, basically there wasn't any restart life cheat, but....

Shima Shima (YAMAZAKI Sayaka)

Shio Houkigi runs an aromatherapy salon by day, but has another occupation by night. She runs "Striped Sheep," a service that provides relief to women who have a hard time falling asleep without a man by their side.

War in the Kitchen

In a world-famous restaurant, many delicacies are provided, and it’s also a heaven for all the women, both young and old. The employees here, from waiters to chefs are all top elites, with great figure and appearance. Taking the delicacies as a medium, the talented young chef Lu He, with the purpose of entertaining all the female guests, leads his partners to start their legendary lives in this restaurant.

The Proto-Eye

A young boy walks away from home after a quarrel with his father at night and later gets kidnapped. He finds himself in a strange laboratory after waking up, facing a challenge of life and death. He survives the test along with some other men, and later they find out a big secret, a secret that totally changes their lives. So, how will they react? And what else will they find as their adventures go on?

Tensei Shitara Warui Kuni no Musume Deshita

Main character's childhood friend vanishes comes back to say goodbye to main character. Childhood friend gets attacked by something, main character dies in crossfire. Main character is reincarnated as the living weapon of the demon lord, while his childhood friend is apparently now the hero.

There is no Fantasy for Alice

Alice doesn't wake up from her dream. Stuck in a chaotic world, she, along with the White Rabbit, cuts down fairy tale characters that rampage after drinking "magic potions" that imbue special powers such as shrinking or growing bigger. Meanwhile, she is being targeted by three leaders of the world.

Kagekuri Kitan

Hajime has lived in fear of the monsters lurking in the shadows that only he can see. But after meeting a mysterious shadow girl who pledges to help him face his fears, he's dragged into the secret world of ninjas.

Cleopatra (Machiko Satonaka)

Cleopatra is the ruler who has most inspired poets and artists over the centuries. Her beauty and exotic charm through the Roman Army into confusion. Her enemies kept depicting her as a corrupter and a vicious ruler, on the other hand, the dignity of her death inspired touching works of art. Cleopatra was the last heiress of Alexander the Great and the last Egyptian Pharaoh. During her private and political life she had two great love experiences: Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. The death of Cleopatra was fit for a queen: as goddess Isis she'd rather be bitten by an asp than suffer the humiliation to be displayed as a trophy in Rome during the celebration of Octavian, the future Emperor Augustus.

For A Divorcee Too, A Flower Blooms

Middle-aged salaryman Uematsu (40s) was surprised to learn that the restaurant part time-worker Asahikawa knows about his food habits. When Uematsu got promoted to department head he thought his life will be smooth sailing from then on but very soon his wife left him and the people assigned to him are utterly useless...After hitting his 40s he felt like his stamina, energy, everything has been depleted, so he tries to avoid anything troublesome. But strangely he feels a sense of ease whenever he is with Asahikawa and starts warming up to him, but it's feels like Asahikawa wants to get closer to him more than he could have ever imagined...

The Beauty Of The Appricot Forest

He thought it was just an accident that he got sent back a thousand years by a rogue lightning strike. Little did he know that someone had been waiting there for him for decades. His arrival brought a person back from the dead, and reunited them with what they had lost. Through a series of coincidences, he and the person who’d been waiting came to meet, know, and love one another. The strings of fate which drew them together, stemming from broken threads of a previous generation. The beauty remains even when the Apricot Forest blooms no more, the story of their love and tragedy, spoken of only by whispers in the wind.
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