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The Innocent City

Chapter 1The Innocent City
The elite special commander Tang Ke was assigned a new task to go to a building full of felons, and he had to "persuade" these criminals on his own. How can this be... Fortunately, when I entered the door, I met Lolita... Hey?!

The Last 7 Days

Chapter 1The Last 7 Days
If you have seven days left in your life. What do you want to do? The death notice issued by the skybound death bureau experiment is as short as seven days, whether you have ever lived at the top of the world or struggled at the edge of life. There is always stumbling, always miss, always regret... It doesn't really matter how you die; How to live is the point.

Dousei Yankee Akamatsu Seven

Chapter 1Dousei Yankee Akamatsu Seven
High school yankee Akamatsu regularly picks fights with Seven, a strong homeless man who lives in the local park. Fighting Seven is the biggest thrill in Akamatsu's life, so when it seems like Seven may have to leave the park, Akamatsu suddenly invites him to share his house!?The domestic adventures of two handsome yankees living in a small apartment… BL writer SHOOWA and Shonen mangaka Okujima come together to deliver a uniquely exciting story!

Yoru no Yomeiri

Chapter 2Yoru no Yomeiri
In the summer her grandfather passed away, high school girl Kiyoi found herself abandoned. To protect her home, she decides to marry that man…!!


Chapter unknownMikisutori
Yosuke Ejima and his wife Keiko are visiting Mexico to research ancient civilizations. Their bus is heading for the Teotihuacan ruins when they suddenly get involved in gang related violence. Can they survive...?!


Chapter 10Requiem
Jack the Ripper is a little girl! In order to save his girlfriend, Colin followed an order and bombed a bus. Chased by the police to a dead end, he decided to commit suicide when one little girl showed up and saved him. Who are you? I'm Jack the Ripper, and I will be your spirit servant.

Hiệp Sĩ Vô Song

Chapter 1Hiệp Sĩ Vô Song
Trong 300 năm, Vương quốc Ophelia bị ngăn cách với phần còn lại của thế giới bằng một hàng rào ma thuật. Trong 300 năm, người dân của nó bị từ chối tự do theo đuổi kiến thức bên ngoài và tự do đi lang thang trên thế giới. Khi họ nổi dậy, họ bị nghiền nát bởi những kẻ có ý định bảo vệ họ. Và trong mười năm qua, pháp sư tài năng nhất của vương quốc đã ẩn mình. Ẩn giấu bí mật về tiềm năng ma thuật to lớn của mình, chàng trai trẻ Fabian ...

Kyuuketsuki ha Shinzo no Yume wo Miru

Chapter 3Kyuuketsuki ha Shinzo no Yume wo Miru
"He'll do it with anyone who asks, you know. Even me." Hisato, a vampire, has been a foster parent and the centre of affection for Shuri, a university student for the longest time. Hisato will kiss, have sex, even say words of love if one wishes for it, but... Wanting to become the "soulmate" that Hisato has been yearning for, Shuri has been eliminating people getting close to Hisato relentlessly—the never ending humans who offer their blood and body to Hisato and seek pleasure from getting their blood sucked.

The Cursed Sword Master’s Harem Life: By the Sword, For the Sword, Cursed Sword Master

Chapter 3The Cursed Sword Master’s Harem Life: By the Sword, For the Sword, Cursed Sword Master
Fujinomiya Soujirou is transported to a fantasy world with only his Daisho (pair of samurai swords) in hand. The katana can talk and swiftly informs him that it is Hotarumaru, the legendary national treasure of Japan thought lost during World War II. The wakizashi is to young to have a voice, to Souji names it Sakura. This is the story of Souji and Hotarumaru's journey through a new world as he seeks to achieve ... a sword harem?


Tóm gọn là có một tên con trai mặt cũng cho là tạm được, nhìn sơ qua thì ok tự nhận mình là "Chúa". Khi mà bạn buồn, mệt mỏi, mất niềm tin vào chính mình thì bạn sẽ nhìn thấy một số điện thoại lạ ở một chỗ nào đó. Bạn ...
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